Yoga Color, Material and Finish

Posted on:October 4, 2017


Category:Product Development

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One facet of the manufacturing design process is colors, materials, and finishes. The color application can either make or break a product. Material offers a unique opportunity to create a mood and emotionally connect to users. Product Material Finish provides an interaction that allows the user to connect sensually to the product through physical means. The design color, material and finish role is a valuable facet to any manufacturing such as Gaiam.

Brands has successfully leveraged the value of colors, materials, and finishes such as Gaiam. Gaiam offers some of the latest innovative yoga products focused on of core consumer values. Thier form language is suitable for the average yoga enthusiast. Their product color pallets are calm which resonate well with its core consumer. Gaiam Material color connects to specific yoga activities appealing to the specific user.

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Colored materials vary mainly by purpose, usage, and environmental conditions. Design can drive the development of new materials. New materials discoveries achieve through material research, discovery and sciences. Through new material introduction, other applications are a driving force that changes industries. This effort supports new product discoveries. Product material and finish should be a combined decision as none feasible independently.

The normal individual eye does not typically visualize product material finishes. It is felt unknowingly typically by these users. The material specification offers grip, temperature control, environmental benefits such as LEED certification and more. Finish texture may not work across all products. Product texture should be base on the material used.

Gaiam yoga products provide an excellent example of colors, materials and finishes. Color, Material, and Finish is a great addition to brand design development. Gaiam is a recognized brand that understands the importance of Color, Material, and Finishes. Before color selection, a product should identify its purpose, usage and environment condition. If the material is not selected, it is pointless for texture selection. Yoga industry product colors, material and finishes captivate users.

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